APBioNET promotes the advancement of bioinformatics in research and education through training programs, workshops, symposia, conferences, collaboration among the bioinformatics community, including policy makers, and dissemination of bioinformatics themed information focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. APBioNET liaises with and/or supports other organizations promoting bioinformatics in research and academia. In this regard, APBioNET is a Regional Affiliate of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), supporting the aims of ISCB for the benefit of the bioinformatics community in the Asia-Pacific region.

Events and Workshops

The annual International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB) is widely recognised as the one of Asia’s oldest and largest conferences on bioinformatics

International Symposium on Bioinformatics (InSyB) bridges the gap between InCoB and irregular local APBioNet-supported workshops or training courses.

Bioinformatics Workshop Fiesta (BWF) is a joint effort that aims to grow bioinformatics skills and competencies in the community through series of workshops

The International Congress on Bioinformatics (APBJC) brought Asia & Pacific's key players in bioinformatics societies every 4 years for a united event


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July 1, 2024 / Newsletter

NEWSLETTER: Volume 17 Issue 1 2024

Featuring article from Aakriti Jain, Kountay Dwivedi and Esra. Read more here
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June 25, 2024 / Announcement, Publication

[ARTICLE] A global initiative on addressing bioinformatics’ grand challenges

Journal Excerpt:  The Bioinformatics Grand Challenges Consortium (BGCC) is a collaborative effort to address the most pressing challenges in bioinformatics....
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June 6, 2024 / APBioNET Event

APBioNET Talks: Dynamic modeling of chromosomal instability in somatic genomes

Abstract: Chromosomal instability (CIN), a constantly high frequency of chromosome segregation errors during cell divisions, is a major form of...
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April 16, 2024 / APBioNET Event

APBioNETTalks 8: Everything Everywhere All at Once: Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases – Structure, Function, and Dynamics

Abstract: Cellulases are used by the biofuel industry for conversion of cellulose into glucose, which can be converted into bioethanol....
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March 10, 2024 / Announcement, Partner Event

GOBLET Executive Board Elections 2024

GOBLET Executive Board Elections 2024: Call for Nominations Dear All, We need more nominations. We hope that you will nominate...
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March 7, 2024 / Announcement, Partner Event

2024 Global Bioinformatics Education Summit

We are thrilled to announce that applications for the 6th Annual Global Bioinformatics Education Summit are now open! This year,...
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February 28, 2024 / Announcement, APBioNET Event

Introducing the Biggest Breakthrough in Bioinformatics: The Asia & Pacific Bioinformatics Joint Conference!

Call for Submissions: Propel Your Research onto the Global Stage at the Asia & Pacific Bioinformatics Joint Conference! Seize this...
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February 26, 2024 / Announcement

[ARTICLE] Editorial: 21st International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2022)—accelerating innovation to meet biological challenges: the role of bioinformatics

Journal Excerpt:  The advent of bioinformatics marked a significant paradigm shift in our approach to biological research (Rastogi, 2023). Coined...
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February 23, 2024 / Announcement, APBioNET Event

Call to Host Future InCoB:

Call to Host Future InCoB: The International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB) is the flagship conference of the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics...
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February 23, 2024 / APBioNET Event, Education & Training

InCoB2023 Special Education Track

Special Track on Bioinformatics Education and Training (OPEN VIRTUAL EVENT) We are happy to share that the special track on...
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