Notice is hereby given for the 2015 Annual General meeting of APBioNet to be held at the GIW/InCoB 2015 conference in Miraikan Odiaba Japan. It is scheduled on 11th Sep 2015, the 3rd day of the conference at 1215 to 1pm during the conference lunch break. Lunch boxes will be provided in the meeting.

Draft Agenda
1. Introduction to New Members and Office Bearers

2. President’s Annual Report

A. Election 2014/2015 update
B. Success of GIW-APBioNet partnership and vote on future collaborative events
C. Success of InCoB publications
D. Continued support of ISCB and travel sponsorship
E. Establishment of APBioNet Malaysia Secretariat
F. Cooperation of Malaysia and Singapore Secretariats to support ISSB’s urgent request for help to relocate their ICSB from Shanghai to Singapore Nov 2015.
G. APBioNet-Perdana University collaboration on TransEurasia Information Network workshop on NGS.
H. APBioNet-Perdana University collaboration on Joint Workshop Series (JWS) 2015 on bioinformatics and scientific research.
I. APBioNet-EMBL-EBI-PRIDE collaboration on a Workshop on application of bioinformatics in proteomics and mass spectrometry
J. APBioNet participation in Goblet and ISCB educational efforts to promote bioinformatics training
K. Future work:
a. APBioNet cooperation with BGI
b. Cooperation with Singapore National Supercomputing Centre and Asean ASTRENA to promote bioinformatics applications over the TEIN network in Asean nations
c. Proposal for organisation of a joint Asian “Super Bioinformatics Conference”

3. Secretariat’s Financial Report
A. Oversight of APBioNet Ltd financials and successful completion of 2nd annual audit.
B. Membership subscription launch and steady pickup
C. Sound financial state of APBioNet to be able to implement Reserve funds policy in a few years
D. Membership benefits. Proposed Vote on PeerJ and nomination of APBioNet Service awards to hardworking office bearers including a certificate and a voucher for ISCB membership to Paul Horton, Bruno Gaeta, M. Asif Khan, Nik Elena, Farhan Sjaugi, and outstanding service award to office bearers with consistent years of service: President’s Award to Christian Schoenbach and Kenta Nakai by offering them an ISCB life membership voucher at age 50.

4. Voting on the Conference Venue
This year EOI from Indonesia for InCoB 2016 was postponed to 2017. Singapore has volunteered to take over the 2016 conference. More details in Progress to be circulated by email to members.

5. Any Other Business
A. Preparation for Elections 2016-18 in 2016 InCoB meeting in Singapore.
B. Succession planning and APBioNet talent recruitment and management.
C. Update on bioinformatics activities in Eurasia