The Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBioNeT) has organizational and individual members from over 27 countries in the region, from industry, academia, research, government, investors, and international organizations. Its mission since inception has been to pioneer the growth and development of bioinformatics awareness, training, education, infrastructure, resources, and research among member countries and economies. It is spearheading a number of key bioinformatics initiatives in collaboration with international organizations and industry partners.

We welcome you to join APBioNeT, which provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, conference/event discounts, and many other exclusive benefits.

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Membership Benefits

General Benefits

  • Eligibility to apply for APBioNeT Travel Fellowships and ISCB Travel Fellowships
  • Discounts at APBioNeT events / workshops
  • Eligibility to represent APBioNeT at key meetings, AGM, and events as official delegates subject to ExCo approval – e.g. Goblet, AASBi, ISCB, other regional meetings as negotiated by APBioNeT Secretariat
  • Mailing Lists
  • APBioNeT Book Publication Discounts


Institutional Membership Benefits

Currently, this applies to both Not-For-Profit and For-Profit organizations/institutions with no specific distinction in the benefits between them. Distinctions may be made in the future with the approval from the APBioNeT ExCo. The annual fee for an institutional membership is USD 1,000, which is less than half of the total value of the benefits detailed below when purchased separately. Benefits include:

  • Up to 10 individual APBioNeT memberships, with a higher InCoB corporate registration discounts (10% each) during the membership year.
  • One representative is invited to the meeting with APBioNeT ExCo members and invited speakers of InCoB during the conference
  • General benefits apply

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Annual Membership Fee

Type of Membership Fee, USD
Student Membership 20
Post Doctorate Membership 50
Academic Membership 75
Non-Academic Individual Membership 100
Corporate Organizational Membership 1,000
InCoB Participant* Waived

*Starting from InCoB 2013 participation