Founded in January 1998, APBioNet is dedicated to the advancement of the field of bioinformatics, specifically, the development of the bioinformatics network infrastructure, the exchange of data and information, the development of training programs, workshops and symposia and the encouragement of collaborations in the field of bioinformatics with an Asia Pacific focus (1). To further the development of the bioinformatics network infrastructure, APBioNet has formed a partnership with the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network project (APAN).This project has been endorsed as a priority status project within APEC’s Telecommunications Working Group (APEC TEL Development Cooperation Steering Group – DCSG) in 1999. APBioNet’s collaboration with APAN has paved the way to link DDBJ, GenomeNet, HGC, NCC, ANGIS, MAFFIN, as well as, allow individuals to exchange data and other information quickly. APBioNet has developed web content and maintains servers dedicated to bioinformatics to assist collaboration and information exchange. APBioNet also has a memorandum of understanding with the Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Network (A-IMBN) to work with their members to promote awareness among biologists of the need to acquire bioinformatics skills. APBioNet has also sponsored or co-sponsored or co-organised workshops and conferences in the areas of bioinformatics, molecular phylogenetics, biomolecular structural analysis, protein simulations and others, including the International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCOB’02) in Thailand. APBioNet has pioneered outreach programmes that has involved visits and training workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Taipei, HongKong, Xian, Beijing, Bogor, Bangalore, Bangkok, Los Banos, etc. APBioNet was founded in January 1998 at the Pacific Symposium for Bioinformatics. Our second organizational meeting was held at the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology in Montreal, Canada, June 28th to July 1st, 1998 (2). The next general meeting was held in January 1999 at the PSB’99 conference in Hawaii.

Key Founding members include:

  • Associate Professor Tim Littlejohn, Australian National Genomics Information Service, University of Sydney <[email protected]>
  • Dr Christoph Sensen, Canadian Bioinformatics Resource, Institute for Marine Biosciences, National Research Council of Canada <[email protected]> (DDBJ)
  • Prof S.Subbiah, <[email protected]>
  • A/Prof Tan Tin Wee, HOD Department of BioChemistry, National University of Singapore. <[email protected]>