Xavier Wezen Chee

Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus), Malaysia

Career Summary:

Lecturer in Biochemistry at Swinburne, PhD in Pharmacology from University of Cambridge, BSc in Chemistry (First Class Hons) from Imperial College London

My current work revolves using conventional computer-aided drug design methods and machine learning to discover anti-virulence drugs and anti-cancer drugs. I supervise a team of 4 PhD students and 6 Masters student.

Contributions to APBioNET:

I have not worked with APBioNet before but I have the dedication to make bioinformatics and chemoinformatics accessible to everyone. In a small scale, I had been running coding and bioinformatics workshop in my own university and beyond for undergraduates who are interested.

Proposed future contributions to APBioNET: 

If elected as ExCo, I intend to:
1. Develop more coding, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics courses to
promote their use within the scientific community
2. Build a strong network with other bioinformatics society to collaborate on
projects to benefit members