Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita

Deputy Director and Professor,
Soka University

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Career Summary and Highlight:

The majority of my career has been focused on glycoinformatics, or the informatics of glycan sugar chains (complex carbohydrates). I have focused on database and software tool development of glycan-related data, to better understand their function, and to contribute to the life sciences by providing better accessibility to such data. We have been developing the GlyCosmos Portal to provide a Web interface to omics-related data and tools. I am also a board member of both the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics as well as the Japanese Society for Carbohydrate Research. Internationally, I have also been serving on the board of the MIRAGE initiative to provide reporting guidelines for glycomics research.

Contributions to APBioNET:

I have assisted in finding speakers for APBioNetTalks, as well as in organizing the Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Joint Congress (APBJC), to be held in Japan in October, 2024.

Proposed future contributions to APBioNET:

I will continue to assist in supporting APBioNetTalks, as well as represent Japan for APBJC and other meetings organized by APBioNet.